Bourne Scenic Park

                      The 2024 season is March 29 to October 27. We are pet friendly!

Pavilion / Tent Rental

Use of the Pavilion / Tent is limited to Bourne Scenic Park campers and Town of Bourne residents.  During our peak season, the months of July & August, the Pavilion is not available to rent, it is used for our scheduled activities. The Tent is also available for a limited use during peak season as we have live entertainment. 

For Seasonal Campers, a fee of $75.00 is required. For Transient Campers & Town Residents, a fee of $200.00 is required.

Use of propane grill requires an additional fee of $10.00. Banquet Tables and Large Coolers are also available for a fee of $5.00 per.

  1. Tables & Coolers must be returned to the location that you found them.
  2. ALL food/trash must be disposed of in the dumpster located throughout the campground.
  3. ALL guests arriving to use the Pavilion must park in the parking lots provided.
  4. Parking for tent usage is along the Canal across from the tent.
  5. Use of the Pavilion /Tent limits you to that area only.
  6. Pavilion and Tent use is limited to the time reserved.
  7. Please help us enforce our Park rules by not allowing children under the age of 10 in the Game Room or surrounding areas without adult supervision.

Please contact the Simone Hofmann: 508-759-7873 Ext. 15 or to obtain a copy of the Pavilion/Tent Use Agreement.  Please complete the contract and return to the Bourne Scenic Park office with payment prior to pavilion/Tent use. Payment options: Credit Card, Cash, or Check payable to Bourne Scenic Park. 



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